Personal Training

deawna074_updatedPersonal Training and Optional Bonus Nutrition Support* Program

Personal training can be provided in a variety of ways:

  • In person individually
  • In person as small group (2 -5 people)
  • At your site (location must qualify)
  • Online

This program is highly recommended for weight loss. It is also ideal for those merely wanting more hands-on direction and motivation in their exercise program and/or wanting to improve eating habits.  Each session consists of one-on-one exercise instruction (1 hour sessions) to ensure proper technique & safety, to keep motivated and to make it fun!

  • Initial Health Intake Questionnaire
  • Initial and Progressive Fitness Assessments
  • Weight
  • Customized Body Composition Readings
  • Measurements
  • Daily Caloric Intake Guidelines Specified
  • Breakdown of Daily Calories & Macronutrients
  • Sample Meal Plans and Grocery Lists Provided
  • Weekly monitoring of nutritional tracking and workout logs
  • Customized Exercise Program
  • Personal, expert resource to answer questions and concerns as they arise

*Nutrition support is based on real foods and is an added bonus of this program. Although I myself am not a registered dietician, the sample meal plans are based on those created by registered dieticians. I am also able to consult a registered dietician when needed. If you do not desire nutritional support, those components are simply left out as nothing extra is charged for them.


To set up a consult and find out what will work best for you, please contact us:

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