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We ALWAYS have something exciting and interesting going on at the D-Fit by Deawna Fitness & Wellness Studio.  We partner with area wellness experts, therapists and practitioners to bring you workshops on various fitness, nutrition and wellness topics.  These topics vary widely and we are constantly coming up with new offerings.


  • As a small sample, here is some of what we offer:
  • Grocery Store Field Trip
  • How to Speed Up Your Metabolism
  • Serenity NOW!
  • Breaking the Sugar Cycle
  • What is Reiki?
  • How Meditation & Energy Work Can Help Lose Weight
  • And LOTS More!

Our goal is to find a way to bring wellness into your life on a regular basis in a way that doesn’t break the bank.  Our area partners have been gracious enough to offer to come in and give sample services, information and resources to our members and friends. We are so excited to partake in the gifts they have to offer and to share that with you. For our members, these workshops are FREE.  Non-members are still welcome to attend and simply pay the fee for that particular workshop.  The fees vary per workshop, so you’ll want to look at the schedule to view the pricing for a Non-Member.

For example, a massage therapist might come in and do mini-massages while educating us on the benefits of massage.  A holistic chiropractor may come in and do screenings while teaching us about how the spine affects all other aspects of our bodies from allergies to misaligned discs.   Then again, we may have a healthy chef come in and teach us healthy cooking techniques while we get to sample the foods.  Mmmmm…

By now, you probably get the point.  This is GOOD STUFF!  Check out our upcoming schedule.


Personal Training

Whether done individually or in a small group, get the motivation and guidance you need in our full-service, customized training program. Take the guess-work out of your efforts by letting us design your program and lead the way to your new & improved self!

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Seeking help in the areas of fitness, nutrition or wellness? Our hands-on workshops go beyond mere information by emphasizing results-based tools that you will really use to make the changes you seek. Check out our offerings!

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Weight Loss

Wanting a true body transformation from the inside-out? Check out our full 8-week weight loss program combining customized nutrition and workouts that create a foundation for your new, healthy & PERMANENT lifestyle!

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