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About D-Fit by Deawna

Finally you don’t have to belong to a gym to go to group fitness classes! You now have the option of working out in a private, studio setting amongst a supportive community of others like you. That means feeling comfortable versus self-conscious and on display. That means bonding with others versus feeling isolated in a crowd. That means having Instructors who care and are invested in you versus feeling intimidated. Not only that, but you can get soooo much more than just exercise with our nutrition & weight loss programs along with wellness experiences such as guided meditations and Reiki (energy work). This is true health & fitness on ALL levels—mind, body & spirit. Don’t worry, though, we still know how to bring the party when you want it with our dance floor lighting for our high energy classes. Point being, when you leave here, you are brought UP. Come check it out for yourself!

Welcome to the D-Fit by Deawna experience!

D-Fit by Deawna was started by Deawna Alfonsi in 2007 when she finally decided to pursue her passion for fitness full-time. Although she was a Pittsburgh native, she lived in Virginia Beach, VA for 6 years when she made this leap. At that point she had been a Group Fitness Instructor since 1997; however, she was ready to take it to a whole new level. Through her body transformation experience through which she lost 45 pounds, she decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer and work with people one-on-one to transform their bodies and lives as well. From there, she decided to do Figure & Fitness Model Competitions in which she had surpassed her life’s dream regarding her body transformation and learned her body on a whole new level. What she learned is how absolutely key nutrition is to this process and how much better it felt! This led to adding on her Nutrition Specialist Certification which inspired her development of the 8 week weight loss program Project “Jumpstart!” After running her personal training services, group fitness classes and weight loss clinics through various locations throughout the Virginia Beach and Pittsburgh areas, she decided it was time to find a home base for D-Fit by Deawna. Hence, the first physical space has been born, D-Fit by Deawna Fitness & Wellness Studio in Wexford, PA, a northern suburb of Pittsburgh.

This studio is more than just a mere space by which to offer fitness services. This studio has finally allowed Deawna to incorporate a whole other aspect of her vision—wellness. As Deawna worked with people throughout the previous years, her work evolved from giving people the mere physical tools by which to reach their goals (i.e. workouts, nutrition recommendations) to addressing the mental/emotional aspects of body transformation as part of her Project “Jumpstart!” program to now incorporating the deeper, Energetic layers of us through wellness (i.e. meditation, yoga, Reiki) to enable a true shift for people so that they not only improve their bodies, but improve their minds AND their Spirits.

A person walking into the D-Fit by Deawna studio will have the option to take as much or as little as s/he feels comfortable. If a person merely wants a fun-filled party of a workout or a calming yoga practice, that is certainly there for the taking. If one desires to change their lifestyle through the means of the Project “Jumpstart!” program or the other workshops offered, then that is there too. Yet again, if one wants to experience an entire energetic shift, those means exist as well. The journey is for each person to explore on her/his own in the way that fits each of us best.

Personal Training

Whether done individually or in a small group, get the motivation and guidance you need in our full-service, customized training program. Take the guess-work out of your efforts by letting us design your program and lead the way to your new & improved self!

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Seeking help in the areas of fitness, nutrition or wellness? Our hands-on workshops go beyond mere information by emphasizing results-based tools that you will really use to make the changes you seek. Check out our offerings!

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Weight Loss

Wanting a true body transformation from the inside-out? Check out our full 8-week weight loss program combining customized nutrition and workouts that create a foundation for your new, healthy & PERMANENT lifestyle!

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